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You’re getting married??? Congratulations! While you’re up there on Cloud 9, we invite you to our store to browse our collection of ultra-premium wedding invitation ensembles. You will need to touch and feel our incredible paperstock selection while seeing the textures and shimmers up close and personal. The design of a wedding invitation gives your guests a glimpse of what’s to come on your special day. Enjoy this time and enjoy the process. A wedding invitation is a wonderfully creative way to celebrate your love. As an Envelopments dealer, Color Services offers the highest level of customization to perfectly meet your expectations. The possibilities are endless. Visit our store and let us help you create the wedding invitation of your dreams.


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We have 9 different themes and over 100 different fully customizable designs. Think endless color choices, paper stocks, enclosures, formats and designs! Come in and fully immerse yourself in our amazing wedding collection.




If you can imagine yourself in a barn or field...in boots and vintage lace...with twinkle lights and mason jars, stop in and explore our rustic styles.


Modern designs are where less is more...and more is fabulous. Choose stripes, chevrons or geometrics. You can define your own aesthetic here.


If long white gloves make your heart skip a beat and timeless classic is your style...think scrolls, family crests, monograms and elegant borders. We’d love to show you this collection.


Weddings and flowers go hand-in-hand! We’ve got flowers galore with floral borders, wreaths, bouquets, roses and vines. Celebrate your love with flowers. Long may their lovely stems wave.


If you love things old more than new...secretly wish you’d been born in an earlier time...and melt at the sight of antiques...come in and browse our vintage category of wedding invitations. They’re romantic and elegant!


Watercolor brushstrokes are beautiful for their imperfections and translucency. Their ethereal nature evokes feelings serenity, daydreams and love in the air. See what makes your heart skip a beat!


If you imagine yourself in a large ballroom with elegantly set tables...sipping champagne under a chandelier while your guests mingle in chiffon, silk and tuxedos...begin the glam with a wedding ensemble filled with gilmmer, glitz and gorgeous fonts.


The beach is a lovely place to pledge your life to one another. If a sun-kissed summer wedding by the water is on your agenda, the ideal starting point is a tropical-themed wedding invitation featuring sea creatures, palms and visions of paradise.


If you are unpredictable, playful and quirky, your perfect style could be confetti...polka dots...flying hearts...bubbles...swirls and curls! Make your day more than just a ceremony. Make it an experience! Stop by our shop and see how lovely a touch of whimsy can look.



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