Photograph your love®

These three words encompass our essence. We encourage everyone to photograph whatever it is that they find meaningful and to embrace our message. Your photos are meant to be lived with, enjoyed and shared. Our mission is to facilitate this process.

You don't need to be an expert to take pictures that you love! Your equipment can be sophisticated or simple. Professional photographers, amateur photographers, businesses, designers, artists and influencers are all part of the Color Services customer family. Our job is to help  bring your photos into your everyday life.

With more than 47 years of experience, we know how to make your images look their best. All of our products reflect the commitment to high quality our customers have come to expect. Our work is skillfully crafted on long-lasting materials so that your photos can be lived with and enjoyed for generations.

Our Owners


Glen Hodges and Gabe Cano are the owners of Color Services. They are both graduates of Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. They share a passion for photography and for helping you to create memorable images that add to your enjoyment of life!

Glen, a Washington state native, first moved to Santa Barbara when he left Washington State University to begin his coursework as a student at Brooks Institute of Photography. He majored in portraiture and went on to start his own wedding photography business after graduating in 1981. His business quickly took off, however he found himself feeling very burnt out by the fast pace of the wedding photography business. It was then he decided to switch gears and open his own photo lab specializing in black and white photo processing and printing. Specialty Photo Lab opened it’s doors in 1986.

Glen met Gabe through a past employee. It was 2000 and Gabe had recently graduated from Brooks as an advertising photography major. Around the time of graduation his main focus had started to shift heavily towards fine art photography and further away from the advertising realm he had trained for. When a position opened as a custom printer at Specialty Photo Lab, Gabe took the position and became Glen’s employee. This was a wonderful situation where the two’s strengths complimented each other. Glen mentored Gabe in the craft of darkroom printing, and more importantly on the importance of running a business with both quality and integrity. Gabe exposed Glen to creative ideas in both art and fresh ideas to incorporate into the business. In 2005 together they purchased Color Services which had been in business since 1976. The two labs were merged into one facility and continued on as Color Services. Since then, Glen and Gabe have managed to evolve with the changing industry while maintaining their passion for the photographic community.

Glen is a husband and father of 4 amazing and beautiful daughters. You can often find him on one of the many Santa Barbara hiking trails during his spare time. Make sure to follow his personal Instagram @glenhodges. Gabe and his husband are passionate about travel and photography. Getting out and doing things together makes their free time memorable. Gabe is also a big fan of many different styles of music. You can hear his music selections being played in the lobby of our lab. You can follow his personal Instagram @gabecano.

About Color Services


Our store is located at 230 E. Cota Street in Santa Barbara, California. We process and ship nationwide from our processing lab delivering high quality photo products, on time, at reasonable prices. Our goal is to meet or exceed your needs and serve you in a friendly, professional and expert manner. Next time you visit our store, bring your dog along and we'll serve up a dog biscuit! Oh! And for the film lovers out there, if you come after hours to drop your film in the drop slot, you’ll see our “Film Toss” game on the floor. Try to get your film in the hole. If you succeed, we’ll have a prize for you at pickup!


Our photo processing equipment and materials have all been selected with the utmost care to ensure beautiful and long-lasting products. With years of experience and industry-specific education, we understand photography and we understand color. Whether we’re making a mini wood block or a fine art print, our experienced technicians will make your images look their best. Color Services’ dedicated team of photo experts work together to benefit our clients, families, the community and the environment. The relationships we have with our vendors are also very important. We only do business with vendors who share our values and commitment to producing the highest quality products.

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