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Bamboo Mounts

Bamboo mounts are earthy...yet elegant...and a great way to go green. Upload your photo to create a stunning, eco-conscious display piece!


Bamboo Mounts are photographs adhered to planks of weighty bamboo. Their magic is in the edge...where a beautiful pattern of inlay surrounds your image for a look like none other! With craftsmanship that rivals fine woodwork, we’re proud to offer this beautiful display solution. Bamboo mounts include a pre-drilled keyhole in the back for hanging. Small sizes will stand up nicely on a shelf, table or desk.

In-lab Turnaround

Please allow 3 days.


Choose Glossy, Matte or PD Lustre photographic paper in a variety of sizes, including square and rectangular formats.

Bamboo Mounts - Color Services
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