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Outdoor Banners provide an eye-catching and economical way to build your business with a big message! Hang them horizontally or vertically with grommets to create brand awareness and promote your products. Our waterproof and fade-resistant Outdoor Banners are printed on premium vinyl. We use sturdy Ultraflex SuperPrint® Plus13 oz. Matte Banner vinyl with a highest-rated denier count of 1000x1000 for tear-resistance and durability. For increased scratch-resistance, Outdoor Banners are printed with latex inks. Offered on matte-finish vinyl with nickel-plated grommets.

In-lab Turnaround

Please allow 3 business days.


Available with or without grommets.

Design Specifications

Design your own banner and send us your file! Create your document at the final banner size. Resolution should be 300 pixels per inch.

  • Flattened JPG files
  • 8 bit
  • sRGB profile
  • Resolution should be 300 pixels per inch

Don't have a print-ready file? We offer setup services ($45 minimum). Give us your logo, any images you wish to include, your contact information and your ideas, and we'll lay it out for you. Please contact us for a quote.

Outdoor Banners from PDF files

The above ORDER HERE link will only accept flattened JPEG files. For print-ready files in PDF format, please submit files via our WETRANSFER link found below. Please be sure to include your instructions in the provided area.

Please prepare your PDF file as follows:

  • Create your document at the final banner size
  • PDF files should NOT include crop marks or bleeds
  • Placed images and graphics should have Adobe 98, sRGB or Grayscale profiles embedded. (Our workflow will handle the conversion to CMYK)
  • Color Output Settings should be set to ‘Include Tagged Source Profiles’


Outdoor Banners - Color Services
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