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Large Format Posters

All posters are not created equal! Our Large Format Posters take poster prints to a luxury level with latex inks on thick recyclable paper and beautiful finishes. Our HP Latex 365 printer produces highest-quality poster prints with vivid color reproduction and crisp graphics at economical pricing. Large Format Posters are the perfect solution for high-quality advertising signage, trade show and event displays, photo-realistic posters, graphic images, retail displays and open-edition decor reproductions

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Order online with your prepared jpg files via the ORDER HERE button. See our WETRANSFER link below for files in PDF format.

In-lab Turnaround

Please allow 2 business days.


- HP 200 Semi-Matte Poster Paper

Slight sheen, smooth texture and water-resistant for indoor and outdoor use

- Neenah Endura 10mil Matte

Matte finish and smooth texture for indoor use

Design Specifications

Create your document at the poster size, 150-300 ppi, 8 bit, flattened JPG, RGB color (sRGB or A98).

Don't have a print-ready file? We offer setup services ($45 minimum). Give us your logo, any photos you wish to include, your contact information and your ideas, and we'll lay it out for you. Please contact us for a quote.

Large Format Posters from PDF files

The above ORDER HERE link will only accept flattened JPEG files.For print ready files in PDF format please submit files via our WETRANSFER page found here. Please be sure to include your instructions in the provided area.

Large Format Posters with Mounting Options - Color Services - Santa Barbara
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