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Full Service Prints

We offer photographic printing services on a wide variety of beautiful materials to enhance and preserve your images...and to enable you to enjoy them in meaningful ways. Our prints on traditional photographic paper are a classic at our lab, and something we have produced for forty years. These are offered on sheenless Matte paper, our professional, heavyweight Lustre paper (Super Type PD), standard Glossy paper and our incredibly pearlescent Metallic paper, all from the Fuji Crystal Archive collection.

Proof Prints

Proof Prints are for unaltered digital images or print-ready files. Files must be RGB, jpeg and sized for the desired print size at 300ppi. Every file on the media will be printed. Print size, quantity, and paper surface will be the same for all files. Files may be printed as-is or with the color optimized at our discretion. Remakes are not available on optimized files. Choose matte, lustre (Super Type PD), glossy, or metallic surface. Print minimums per size.

Standard Prints

Quality photographic prints from jpeg or tiff files on your choice of matte, lustre (Fuji Super Type PD), glossy or metallic surface. Standard Prints include manual color and density corrections by a skilled technician who knows how to make your images look their best. Standard Prints up to size 11”x17” are produced on our Frontier printer and larger sizes on our Chromira printer. This Standard Print chart is from digital files only. For film originals, equivalent prints are offered at the Frontier Scan price plus Express Prints prices.

The Frontier is designed to print on cut sheets of paper. We have a wide selection of sizes in the most popular formats. For a complete list of available sizes, see Express Prints. Please indicate your choice among our sizes and be sure your files are proportional to the print size requested. Files that are not formatted to fit our paper sizes can be “fit in”. This will result in a full-frame print with white borders on 2 sides. If you are designing a layout, significant components of the image should not be close to the edge. We recommended a minimum of 1/8” from image edge to allow for overspill and no hairline borders. For more file setup information, refer to the FAQ section of our website.

Custom Prints

Finest quality continuous-tone prints from digital files and scans on our acclaimed Chromira printer. Full bleed prints can be made up to 30 inches wide x 96 feet. Custom prints include contrast adjustments, color corrections, cropping, exposure manipulation, spotting, borders, simple text additions and a 5”x7” proof print. Choose matte, deep matte, lustre, glossy or metallic paper. Custom prints are recommended for exhibition, portfolios, or any application that requires critical color control. Prices do not include scanning or digital retouching. Additional prints from the same original are priced as Standard Prints. We cannot guarantee perfectly neutral grayscale prints on photographic paper designed for use with RA4 chemistry and tonal variations are to be expected. For true neutral black & white prints, we offer inkjet prints on Epson Luster photo paper at Custom Print prices.

Full Service Photographic Prints - Color Services
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