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Shoebox Scans from Photographs

Shoebox Scan packages offer an economical solution for scanning volume archives of photographs. We offer six packages at various quantities. Choose the package that corresponds to your quantity of originals. Files are delivered on a DVD Data Disc for printing or viewing and editing on a home computer. We can scan originals from wallet size to 8.5 x 11 inches. Files will be jpeg 600ppi at the original size.

Prepare your photos in bundles as follows:
• Prints must be loose, not in albums.
• Stack originals from smallest to largest facing right side up.
• You may use index cards to divide and sort your photos, and if you label the cards in numerical order, we will scan in that order.
• Scanning is done backwards: bottom of stack feeds first with photos stacked face up.
• Tape, glue, torn photos, polaroids or mounted prints will not feed through this scanner.

Go to our Film Scans page for information on Shoebox Scans for Slides and Negatives.

For photo transfers to Slideshow/TV DVDs, see our Video Transfer page.

Flatbed Scans

Flatbed Scans from negatives, slides, transparencies, or reflective originals up to 12” x 17” on our Epson Expression 12000XL scanner.

Standard Flatbed Scans at the size of the original printed item at 600ppi for originals up to 12"x17". Dust spotting, color corrections, cropping, artwork originals or bound originals (in albums or books) are not included.

Custom Flatbed Scans from photographs or any reflective originals up to 12" x 17" at a maximum resolution of 1200ppi. Custom scans include global color correction, density adjustments, cropping and light cleanup from skilled technicians. Choose Custom Scans for artwork originals including line art, drawings, paintings, watercolors, etc. Heavy cleanup is billed at $120/hour.

Custom Flatbed Film Scans from negatives, slides, transparencies for a maximum file size of ~150MB. Scans include global color correction, density adjustments, cropping and light cleanup from skilled technicians. Heavy cleanup is billed at $120/hour

Digital Capture From Flat Art

Digital capture (61 megapixel) of originals up to 28” x 48” (no wrinkles or buckles). Wrinkled, curly or creased originals must be shot under glass at a maximum size of 22” x 48”. Add 50%.  Larger sizes can be captured in multiple shots and stitched together digitally. DRC charges apply. Ask for a quote. Add 50% for lab to remove framed originals from the frame. Maximum file size is 120 megabytes.  Allow 5 working days.

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