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Photo Restoration

Photo restoration and editing services restore faded, worn, stained, torn and cracked photos. Add or remove backgrounds, reconstruct missing image areas, remove unwanted people, or colorize black & white. Allow 5 working days for restoration plus current lab turnaround for scanning and printing. Add 50% for a 2-day rush. Price includes scanning of prints up to 11"x17". Add $22.50 for digital capture of originals larger than 11"x17". Prints are offered at normal print pricing. An archival disk of your restored photo is included for future reprints.

Light Retouching - $45

  • For lightly damaged originals with up to three minor repairs outside of major areas.
    (**major areas of repair are faces, hands, and areas of lost photographic emulsion which contains details essential to your photo.)

Medium Retouching - $60

Includes one of the following:

  • Restore one major area of repair
  • Color restoration of intact photo
  • Add or Delete one person in a group photo
  • Colorization of intact black and white photo
  • Change background

Medium-Heavy Retouching - $80

When neither medium or heavy would be the appropriate category due to additional work necessary on a medium photo. Light restoration plus additional service such as colorization or change background.

Heavy Retouching - $100

Includes one of the following:

  • For Heavily damaged originals with more than 3 major areas of repair
  • Photo repair and colorization
  • Add or delete more than one person in a group
  • Colorize and restore B/W photo

Group Heavy Retouching - $120

Includes one of the following:

  • For Heavily Damaged Groups with more than 5 Major Areas of Repair
  • Heavy Photo Repair and Color Restoration
  • Add or Delete More than 3 persons


"Thank you for your extra time and caring in restoring a picture that today still brings together all that we are as a family - caring, serving and loving each other and our fellow man. You all displayed those qualities and I will certainly recommend you whenever I have the opportunity."

A very satisfied and grateful client,

Peggy Gouger

Photo Restorations - Color Services
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