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Mini Metal Prints

Enjoy the beauty and bling of photos printed on metal in 2 compact sizes...for big impact in small spaces! Offered in sizes 5"x5" and 5"x7".


Our small and sleek Mini Metal Prints feature an attached aluminum easel or a bamboo pedestal to self-stand on a shelf, tabletop or desk. We will sublimate your photo onto thin aluminum in vivid color with the distinctive polish of metal. Mini Metal Prints are ideal for Instagram images of special moments! Tuck them into your life and smile whenever you give them a glance!

In-lab Turnaround

Please allow 2 business days.


Choose between Easel-Backs or Pedestals. Easel-Backs include an attached metal easel while our Pedestal metals feature a separate grooved bamboo block that will hold your print up for display.

Prints are offered in two finishes:

Choose Clear Gloss when you want the unique feature of aluminum showing through the white areas of your photo and High Gloss when you want the white areas to appear white. Size 5x7 available in horizontal or vertical formats.

Mini Metal Print with Bamboo Pedestal - Color Services
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