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Make your images shine with beautiful aluminum! Metal Prints feature durability, vibrancy, fade resistance and hygienic properties. From pixels to art for your wall...we can turn favorite photos into longlasting, high-quality prints on metal!


Metal Prints are a contemporary way to display photographs by printing directly on sheets of aluminum, causing your images to take on a unique luminescence. They are extraordinarily vibrant with an amazing depth of color saturation. As additional bonuses, Metal Prints are flame resistant, light weight and do not need frames.

Where cleanliness counts, Metal Prints can be wiped with all-purpose cleaners and disinfected with pure (90%) denatured ethanol. Metal Prints are ideal at home, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools, retail, corporate spaces, and more. For rooms subject to moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, metal prints are a perfect solution.

In-lab Turnaround

Please allow 2 weeks.


High Gloss
A super-glossy surface provides unsurpassed detail and vibrance. A white basecoat preserves the original colors of your image.

Color intensity and detail is similar to High Gloss but glare is reduced. A white basecoat preserves the original colors of your image.

A smooth and soft appearance provides minimal glare. A white basecoat preserves the original colors of your image.

Clear Glossy
Brushed aluminum permeates the image, muting the colors and producing a metallic look. White areas become clear so that only the metal shines through. A glossy sheen enhances the metallic element.

Clear Matte
Characteristics are the same as Clear Glossy, but with a matte finish for minimal glare.

Textured Metal
A stippled texture provides the appeal of fine art prints or canvas. The finish is matte and free from glare or fingerprints. A white basecoat preserves the original colors of your image.

Hanging Options

Float Mount
Two strips of extruded aluminum are attached to the back of the print and inset to minimize visibility. This mounting method creates a floating effect and allows the print to cast an attractive shadow on the wall. Float Mounted prints sit approximately 1/2" from the wall. A slot in the aluminum strip can be used as a hanger.

Euro Frame
A 1.25" flush frame of black aluminum is attached to the edge of your print. This method provides a clean look for your print and a striking edge finish. Euro Frames are designed to hang flush against the wall.

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