Film Developing

We offer professional C41 color negative film developing and Black & White negative film developing services with scanning and printing options. Our lab brings 40 years of experience to the table plus highly-experienced technicians and precision Refrema dip-and-dunk film processors. This winning combination ensures the best and safest results. Plus, we still love film!

We can develop 35mm film, disposable camera film, 110 film, 120 film, 126 square format film, medium format film and large format film including 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 sheet film. Whether your film is from a professional camera, a single use disposable camera or a toy camera, we will handle it with expertise and care.

Ordering is fast and easy! For mail-order, simply order online or fill out our order form then send us your film. If you're local to our store, you can enjoy the convenience of prepaying online before dropping off your film.

Film Processing
How to Mail Order Your Film Developing
Place your order and pay by mail
Print out and complete our order form and send it with your film.


Place your order and pay online
Pay online, print out and complete our order form then send it with your film.
Order and Pay Online
Pack film in your own box or envelope
Place your film and order form in a padded envelope or small box and add postage.


Order a Free Shipping Kit
Includes prepaid postage, a bubble mailer
and order forms.
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IF YOU PAID ONLINE: include a copy of your receipt or include an order form with your order number written in.
Ship to Our Lab
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How to Order In-Store
Bring us your film.
Stop by the store and leave us your film during business hours
or after-hours through the Drop Slot in our front door.
We have a station with order bags and pens
ready for you right next to the front door.
Order and Pay Online
Once your order has been completed,
you will receive an email notification.
You can then come in and pick up your negatives and/or prints.

Don't have a way to print the order form?

Printing is our thing! We'll print and mail them to you for free.
Click here and order some free Order Forms! Better yet... order one of our free Shipping Kits. These kits include prepaid postage, a bubble mailer and some Order Forms.

Have more questions? Call or email us, we're here to help!

Shooting film shouldn't be complicated, but sometimes it's a little overwhelming at first. Not to worry! Reach out and we'll take the time to answer all your questions.
Details about our Film Developing Service

With dip-and-dunk film developing, your film is hung from a rack and dipped into tanks of chemicals. Unlike a roller-transport machine, there is no risk of scratches or tearing during the process. The temperature of our chemistry is controlled for optimal results and our chemicals are stringently replenished to yield negatives that are developed perfectly and consistently. Push and Pull developing is available up to 3-stop push and 2-stop pull in 1/8-stop increments.

All of our scanning and printing is done on Fuji Frontiers. Our service includes manual color corrections by a skilled technician who views your images one-by-one to make them look their best.

We offer 3 sizes of scans. Our default Small Scans are good for online and small prints. Upgrade to Medium Scans for larger prints and wide versatility with your projects. Large Scans are for special images and big prints.

Scans are delivered by your choice of Dropbox Upload, CD or USB Flash Drive. With Dropbox Uploads, you'll see your images and have them available for download before you even pick up your negatives or have them shipped to your home.

We believe there's nothing like the joy of holding a printed photo in your hand. Prints are also secure from loss by deletion, equipment failure or loss of a device. Our classic photo papers have been carefully selected for their beauty and longevity. Glossy offers a standard gloss sheen, Lustre features a slight sheen, and Matte has no sheen. All papers are archival products from the Fuji "Crystal Archive" collection for years of enjoyment. Photos can be printed borderless or with white borders.

Standard Turnaround is 3-4 Business Days.

Large orders are turned around on a per job basis.

Click to download our C41 Color Negative and Black & White Mail Order Form.

Download our E6 Mail Order Form here.

Need more Film?

We have a variety of fresh film from Kodak, Illford, Fujifilm, CineStill and Lomography available for purchase. Plus we have disposable cameras!

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